The match is going quickly on the field, Roger Federer says

We’ll have to wait even before seeing Roger Federer on the field. The Swiss champion has already decided that his comeback will not take place at the Australian Open, starting from February 8th.

For the first time in his career, the former world number one will miss the Melbourne Championship, which has appeared 21 times in a row and has won six times.

“He made progress, but after consulting with his team, he admitted he was not ready to come back,” tennis coach Tony Godsek said.

Federer could return at the end of February, a year after the operation: perhaps in Rotterdam (indoors) or Dubai (outdoors). Roger Federer and former coach Stefan Edberg recently met to discuss the future of hitting and volleyball during a video chat hosted by acclaimed bat maker Wilson.

Roger Federer on the future of serve and shot

Roger Federer said: “If you don’t come forward, eventually the other one will find their way to score and you will struggle.”

It’s not easy to get out of defense often. Roger Federer also believes that the coaches’ responsibility is to inculcate the art of serving and volleyball in the quarter-finals.

– I hope that a lot of coaches who watch this video will think about how to improve their player on the net as well, and not just at the beginning, “added the Swiss.

Roger Federer said it was the responsibility of the tournament managers to ensure faster stadiums that could benefit from this style of play. The tournament managers say we want it to be slow, so forget about serving and volleyball, ”Federer added.

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Federer added, “If you want a serve and a shot again, you have to speed up the field, and I think some people have.” “I think it would be nice if you had more variety of speeds.

I’m not saying I want everything fast, but I do think I have some really high speeds, some really slow speeds and I see guys adapt. I think that’s the beauty for every fan.

“The first major tournament for the new year, the Australian Open, will be held with a slight delay compared to the previous editions. After a number of meetings between the various authorities, the officials finally gave the green light. The main draw for the first major will be carried out from February 8 to 21 of the month.

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