The match was celebrated at the Papeterie d’Uzerche

Lubrsack. The game celebrates in the Papeterie d’Uzerche. On the initiative of GEMEL (Group of Medical and Social Educational Institutions in Limousin), the multi-site leisure center of the Pays de Lubersac-Pompadour celebrated the game in Ozerchy.

With the mild weather, many attractions and pleasant organizers ensure the smooth running of this recreational day. After the team of seven animators left, the 54 registered kids enjoyed themselves.

“It was a real theme park,” explains Maeva Veron, assistant director, before talking about the “inflatable childhood wake-up area (castle, Kaun, mini-sled in the Far West), and sports activities (giant ring, kart pit with pedals and scooter). ) and a game library with more than 30 small and large wooden toys.” The Huguenot room at the Papeterie d’Uzerche allowed a large audience from 4 to 77 years old to meet in a beautiful spirit of solidarity and friendliness.

Two beautiful words are often honored by the Pays de Lubersac-Pompadour Youth Service Educational Project.

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