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Tech giants are constantly expanding the metaverse, a virtual universe that promises to be the next generation of the internet. But they are not the only people. Several governments have recently expressed their willingness to participate in the development of this digital twin of the physical world. but why? “Live and let live” is the motto of the Free Republic of Liberland, this small country of 7 square kilometers located in the Balkans, on the banks of the Danube River between Serbia and Croatia. This nation, led by Vet Jedlica, now desires to “live and let live” in the Metaverse. He has partnered with architecture firm Zaha Hadid Architects to help him settle into this digital space of the future.

This ambitious project will take the form of a small virtual city made up of futuristic buildings with circular curves, in the architectural style that made the 2004 Pritzker Prize winner famous. Once completed, Liberland’s “Urban Electronic” Metaverse Liberland will be accessible to any internet user in the form of an avatar. He will be able to visit the city hall, access to co-working spaces, shops, business incubators or even an art gallery dedicated to NFT. Exhibitions.

According to Patrick Schumacher, Principal Architect of Zaha Hadid Architects, Liberland’s “urban cyber” metaverse is directly inspired by the real world and even recreates the true frontiers of this small nation. “I think the Metaverse is not a fantasy world. It is not a video game,” he told CNN. [Liberland metaverse’s architecture] Uncommon and unique, but realistic at the same time compared to the types of architecture we have already built and to come. »

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The Free Republic of Liberland is not only setting out in the metaverse to jump on trend, but also to establish its presence on the international stage. Especially since many countries are suspicious of this small piece of land, which is not recognized by any member of the United Nations, and where there are no laws, regulations, arms control or even taxes. Despite this libertarian lifestyle, no one has settled in Liberland since its inception in 2015. However, it has 7,000 registered residents and 700,000 applications, according to CNN.

From Liberland to Barbados and Seoul

The schemes designed by Zaha Hadid Architects would be subject to the same ideals as the liberal state of Vet Jeddeka Minor. “While the Liberland Metaverse is intended to lead the development of Liberland as a libertarian small country, it will also function as a self-contained virtual reality domain,” Patrick Schumacher said in a statement.

The Free Republic of Liberland is not the only country showing enthusiasm for metaverses. In November, Barbados partnered with virtual reality platform Decentraland to set up a diplomatic embassy there. The work of this institution in the metaverse is not detailed, but the government of the small Caribbean island has indicated that it will provide online consular services, as well as a teleportation portal to other virtual worlds. « L’ambassade Metaverse démontre le leadership de la Barbade dans le pivotement de la diplomatie et des relations internationales vers l’ère de la technologie », a déclaré dans un communiqué Gabriel Abed, ambassadeur de la Barbade aux Émirats arabes quis unisé, The project.

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The Seoul metropolitan government in South Korea is also investing heavily in the metaverse. At the beginning of November, she announced that she wanted to become the first major city in the world to enter this universe of infinite possibilities. His project is the creation of a virtual communication system, covering all areas in which the municipal administration operates. Seoul residents will be able to meet with city officials or attend events in this new digital space, using virtual reality headsets.

The South Korean capital has invested 3.9 billion won (about $3.2 billion) in this project, which was initially called “Metaverse Seoul.” “The Metaverse offers new experiences that push the boundaries of reality by blending the real world with the virtual one. These benefits are in our public policies,” Yoo-sik, president of the Seoul Digital Foundation (SDF), said in a statement. Physical limitations We will do our best to use the Metaverse Seoul to provide equal services to every citizen of Seoul. A beta version of this universe will be released at the end of 2022.

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