The Mobile Marketing Association has launched the Pierre-Emmanuel Cros Digital Award for Good

PARIS, May 9, 2022 – In honor of its president who passed away prematurely last July, the Mobile Marketing Association is launching the “Pierre Emmanuel Croce Digital Prize”

PARIS, May 9, 2022 – To honor its president who passed away prematurely last July, the Mobile Marketing Association launched the “Pierre Emmanuel Croce Digital Award for the Best”, the theme this year being the environment, in the world of mobile marketing and digital marketing. On June 30, this award will reward companies that have implemented “Digital for Good” actions over the past 24 months.

Pierre-Emmanuel Cros était un fervent défenseur de notre profession et, au-delà de son expertise du digital, revendiquait sa formation d’ethnologue, d’urbaniste, ouvert sur les équilibres des hommes et des environnements, sensible du bi aux initiatives en fave public.

The Pierre Emmanuel Croce Prize unites these values.

An invitation for applications is sent by the association to its member companies, which are invited to apply and offer the same to companies it values ​​and supports.

Examples of “Digital for Good” actions:

  • A digital campaign that implemented measures to reduce the carbon footprint,
  • A digital solution that helps reduce your digital carbon footprint,
  • A mobile application or digital service based on respect for the environment,
  • A digital project within a company that aims to reduce the carbon footprint,
  • Implementation of an internal digital CSR program dedicated to the environment,
  • etc…

It’s the jury Mobile Innovation Awardsmade up of various professions in the sector (media agencies, creative agencies, advertisers, journalists, etc.), which will elect gold, silver and bronze winners.

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Winners will receive a trophy and be awarded a one-year membership to The Mobile Marketing Association.

Applications are open until Friday, May 27 at noon.

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