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On the weekend players Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and 360 Have encountered difficulties Start playing digitally Due to a series Xbox Live Issues, Which, among other things, prevented the use of cloud gaming services and remote playback functionality. In practice, those who digitally purchase a title or hold it “on loan” thanks to a GamePass subscription may not be able to play over the weekend, and regular discussions about DRM systems and the actual ownership of the games may arise. Purchased by Digital Delivery.

But let’s do a quick review and move on step by step. The first interruptions were born on the evening of Friday, May 6, when some users discovered that it was not possible to launch games via Xbox consoles and cloud gaming, which was confirmed by the Xbox support page. Since then, the use of apps like Netflix and Disney +, the purchase of titles through the store and the connection to the Call of Duty: Warson servers, until this morning, the glitches continued unabated for the next three days. , Monday, May 9, Microsoft Support confirms that issues have been resolved this time around Definitely hope so.

Inevitably the incompetence has ruined the video game weekend for many players, making it the perfect time to dedicate ourselves to our favorite pastime. The combination of Xbox infrastructure’s DRM systems and offline services actually led to the situation even for those who continue to buy the digital single player title. Unable to playFor those who own the Xbox Series S, or who want to drop the physical design to support digital over time, Game Boss is a big problem for convenience or convenience between store offers and a delicious list. Paradoxically, however, with the exception of Warson, there is no problem with the use of multiplayer or social functions in games.

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Anyway, we would like to point out that “many” players are facing problems, but Not everyone, Many users claim to still be playing without problems and others have solved it by restarting their console or setting it to “home”. For example, according to the author, multiple attempts to launch the application (intermittent attempts with various explosives) would be successful.

The reasons for the trigger are not clear, there are those who think it is due to the high number of accesses to the cloud version of Fortnite, but we doubt it. However, the Xbox Live crashes over the weekend brought back the usual discussions about setting up the Xbox ecosystem infrastructure. Keeping digital games: Is it fair that the user who purchased the game or is a subscriber to GamePass could not access it when it is not connected to the network?

The solution Microsoft has chosen is to open the nose to many users and in many cases it can be really embarrassing (for one reason or another, without an internet connection for one or more days, raise your hand), especially on PlayStation consoles that have no such limitations. On the other hand, let’s assume that the Microsoft team has set up the Xbox Ecosystem in this way to ensure maximum security and / or prevent theft attempts.

What do you think? Are the benefits of digital now of paramount importance in the gaming landscape or do you think Microsoft should review its DRM policy?

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