The modified Google Camera brings 8.1 pixel 5 devices to non-pixel devices

Google’s image processing algorithms are remotely appreciated, and the modified Google Camera apps are highly preferred by smartphone camera enthusiasts. Google Camera Version 8.0 Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A5G were introduced. Storage Saver Mode – They were eventually rolled out to older pixels with v8.1. Now, developers have released a modified version of Google Camera 8.1 that works on non-pixel devices as well.

PX Mod v8.1 comes from the developer Urnyx05, Based on Google Camera 8.1.008. This means you can try new features like Cinema Pan And zoom in on audio on your non-pixel device.

Full changelog here:


Start has added all the necessary fixes for the first start
D Added color change to adjust saturation on devices with dull colors
Added an option to disable track monitoring
Motion added an option to disable motion photos
Added OPModes to fix IS EIS
Buttons have been added to the drop-down menu to enable / disable AWB
Disabled saber on unsupported sensors
Added an option to choose between Ix Pixel 2, Pixel 3, IMX586 and IMX686 AWB
Note Improved colors on the Note 10
Sy synthetic filler added an option to disable flash
Added an option to disable auto night vision in portrait and photo

You can download the latest PX Mod APK Simple Gigam Center. Although it should work on most devices, the developer notes that it will not work on some Samsung, OnePlus and Snapdragon-845 powered smartphones.

Veronica Tucker

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