Pixels with adaptive charging are not compatible with night owls

We live in a 24/7 world that has taken “work from home” to a whole new meaning, yet, Google thinks we all live, work, and sleep at the same time. At least, it looks like its pixel phones with adaptive charging. That needs to change.

Comes with adaptive charging December feature drop, Allows pixel 4 phones or newer ones to charge slowly while asleep, and can then go up before the alarm goes off. Since batteries wear out quickly when they are close to 100% for a long time, this principle is intended to help preserve their useful life and is installed in many phones.

But, as our competing friends have previously pointed out in the paradoxically titled publication 9to5Google, Google runs on a specific table. According to the feature article on the Pixel Phone Help pages:

When charging your phone after 9pm, your phone uses adaptive charging if the active alarm is set to 5-10 AM. Otherwise, your phone is usually charged.

Of course, not everyone has such a confirmed schedule – third tracking workers, shift covers and those who have to make an initial trip, we feel you – and the fact that Google has not made a manual exception to it is a bit of a shame for programming or a cheat like attaching a bedtime request to a Google assistant.

Picture: 9to5Google

This is even worse when the policy is not explicitly visible on the settings page.

So, if you are careful and conservative in how you tax your consumer goods, but wake up at 5pm instead of 5am, adaptive charging may not be right for you.

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Veronica Tucker

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