“The more the match progressed, the more I saw myself in the final.”

INTERVIEW – The 33-year-old home chef left the M6 ​​cooking competition after the eleventh episode that aired Wednesday night on M6. trust me Figaro.

Le Figaro. How did you feel when you announced your departure from Top Chef?
Arno Baptist. – I was a little disappointed. You are in good standing. The more the match progressed, the more I saw myself in the Final. But “Top Chef” is a competition in which you can lose at any time. I don’t regret anything, I am happy with my career. All good things have an end. He definitely wrote that I had to leave the adventure this week.

What did you miss during the faint hope for power?
I do not know much. At the end of this test, some of the candidates were not convinced of their position. For me it was the opposite. I was satisfied. She was meeting me. In the end, I worked to determine hair breadth with Pierre.

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Do you feel that Pierre and Bruno, after returning to the game a few weeks after being eliminated, have stolen your place?
We knew the rules of the game and we knew the qualifiers would return. It’s true that it’s ch … seeing them reappear. But I told myself that they could be eliminated again.

This final episode also marked the legendary ordeal of the “restaurant war”. How did you try it?
I really loved it. It was an amazing and very intense experience. I’ve been collaborating with Sarah and it goes really well. We have adapted to each other. We’ve been hit on Click & Collect. Without it, we would win the event. The chefs and François-Régis Gaudry liked our delirious restaurant. This is the game and it will be a lesson. And I don’t regret our preparations, especially the fragments of frog legs that have been criticized by the people who ruled the house. When you order from McDonald’s, do not put the nuggets in the frying pan when you arrive.

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Chute dish is legendary

Arnaud Baptiste, Season 12 nominee of “Top Chef”

What are your best and worst memories?

I have so many good memories that I wouldn’t be able to name one. You’ve had great encounters. Among the bad memories is the street food test. We should have won with Thomas. We have released a canon board and in theme unlike the purple panel which, in my opinion, has achieved nothing exceptional. But the leaders are there to rule and we can only judge them.

A bowl of your “pup” That caused a lot of talk at the start of the adventure, in which category would you place it?
This has reached the level of myths! It is out of rating. Sometimes people stop me on the street and talk to me to congratulate me. I’m glad I did. The guest chef who judged us that day (Spanish chef Andoni Adores, Editor’s Note) makes his customers eat nails and stones in the restaurant. I wanted to take it to her own game.

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Major General Michel Saran, Helen Darroes, the single nominee … you have changed teams the most during the season. What experience did you like the most?
I preferred my place alone. I had no cooks behind me to make me doubt my recipe. I followed my hunch and it paid off, I won the event at the Ministry of Environmental Transformation. I wouldn’t even bother staying the only candidate until the end, it could have been fun.

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Who among the leaders of your regiment taught you the most: Michael Saran or Helen Darroes?
I would say Michel Saran because I have stayed longer in his team. She shared it a little with him three weeks ago on Instagram. We brought some news to each other.

What did you expect from Top Chef?
What motivated me to participate was to be able to savor my food by seasoned chefs. Impossible without the show. Above all, the “Top Chef” program is a way to boost functionality and visibility that opens previously closed doors. Everything a young cook looks for. It was a good time for me to get back on my feet.

Have you already received suggestions?
Not yet. I left L’Allénothèque before participating in Top Chef, and for now, I cook dinner at home. I will now look for a place as a chef in an interesting place. Time to set up my restaurant project in Paris and then in Biarritz, my parents’ city.

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Did you like your first TV experience?
I thought it was awesome. I met trades I didn’t know about. I am a curious person who piqued my interest a lot. And I find myself 100% on screen. I am exactly the same in real life. It was a pleasant surprise to me. If I had to do it again, I would do it again without hesitation.

How do you deal with your sudden bad reputation?
it is my pleasure. I exchange two or three words with people who get to know me, take pictures and pop bars … cool.

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On social networks, she often shares reunion photos with the season’s candidates (Thomas, Jarvis, Matthias, Mohamed …). Is a band formed off-screen?
Yes, we see each other about once a week. They are friends now. It’s not on the agenda, but I’d like to do something with Thomas.

Who do you support now on Top Chef?
I was with the Reds so I am behind my friend Mohamed. I give her all my strength.

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