A virtual reality snowboarding game has been announced

conference Oculus Games Show It continues its course and if we are treated with many great trailers, announcements of new games are very rare. It was without relying on a show Snowboard sculptureA playable virtual reality snowboard game that will be released this summer.

See you on the road

The first good news is that we know Carve Snowboarding is supervised Jill Godard The main programmer for the game 1080 ° Snowboarding was released at the end of the 1990s on the Nintendo 64. The guy tweeted in April 2019 that he wanted to develop it “The best snowboard game I’ve ever played” If we fund the project. It appears he has found his funding.

For the time being, we know that he will offer us mountain tours where we can access the slopes, MillAnd the Carver, Personalize our outfit by opening boards, gloves, or even … petting a dog (which, according to our team, is a real argument for adding the game to its wishlist). We also promised more than 60 tracks by independent artists. Time Attack and Free Mode modes will be offered.

So snowboarders will likely find a good find to chew on in the coming months, hoping motion sickness is well managed here. Checkout outline this summer On the helmets Oculus Quest. Note that the Oculusa conference also helped lift the veil on post-fall gameplay.

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