The new Porsche 911 GT3 (2021): faster than speed

You have one of the few 911 Record for a pass under the 7-minute mark on the legendary Nürburgring. The last time this happened was with the 911 GT3 RS. This time, it’s the “simple” GT3 that does it in 6 minutes 59 seconds. You can imagine, to display such a time on a chronograph, Porsche Great means had to be used.

New engine

The new 911 GT3 uses the now known 4-cylinder naturally aspirated engine that inherits certain characteristics: a 6-butterfly inlet, and a very light exhaust line, despite the presence of two particulate filters. This unit is capable of climbing up to 9000 rpm and gaining very little torque (+ 10 Nm, at 470 Nm). A true old-fashioned mechanic with no breathing assistance who almost forgot the flexibility and sheer torque for high power at high revs. What a long way to go since 1999 and the first GT3! Think about it: at the time, it was running 3.6 horsepower with 360 hp. After 22 years, it gains 150 horsepower without a displacement burst.

The six cylinders connect to either a six-speed manual gearbox or a PDK automatic gearbox. The rear axle was equipped with an electronic torque steering-controlled differential, which is now fairly standard at this level of performance.

Running gear from racing

Running gear has been the subject of a lot of work with the competition’s double triangles coming to the fore. Porsche took over the work done on the 911 RSR to develop extremely stiff joints eliminating the tangential forces typical of the classic false MacPherson suspension.

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Another big novelty is the multi-link rear hub arrival. The wheels are pointed and can rotate up to 2 degrees in the opposite direction of movement to improve agility at low speeds.

The new Porsche 911 GT3 (2021): faster than speed

As standard, the 911 GT3 992 is equipped with classic, ventilated and generous steel brake discs: 408 mm at the front and 380 mm in the rear. Customer can choose a choice of 410mm / 390mm carbon and ceramic discs. Carbon also on the surface (optional). The brakes are hidden behind 20-inch forged wheels in the front and 21 inches in the back that have undergone a minor slimming treatment, losing 800 grams compared to the previous model.


As standard, the 911 GT3 gets semi-digital devices: an analog tachometer and a ubiquitous small TFT display with lots of useful information, like oil pressure. The central 10 ”screen combines infotainment elements. If the 911 GT3 is dedicated to the track, that doesn’t stop Porsche from offering a range of options sometimes associated with other, less drastic models, such as matrix LED lights.

The new Porsche 911 GT3 (2021): faster than speed

Generally speaking, however, most of the customization options are limited to lettering, stitches, color options, and entries. Note all of the “Clubsport” package that includes the symmetrical cage bracket, six-point tools, battery cut-off control, and extinguisher. This package … is free.

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