The new Siri interface can already be activated via hack

the New Siri It won't be available until later in the summer when Apple Intelligence features are activated. This did not prevent smart people from tampering with the code of the first experimental versions and succeeding in activating them…or at least partially. If the new interface on iOS can open as it does on macOS, the processor under the hood will remain the same.

It's very easy to activate the new Siri interface on Mac since everything is done through the device. It was the trick observer By @aaronp613 on Twitter: Just enter the command defaults write bypassDeviceSupportsSAE -bool true Followed by killall Siri to have fun. This is just an interface change that doesn't make Siri any smarter than before. Still tastes nice.

On iOS, the method is more complicated: you have to back up your device before messing with it and reinstall it on your iPhone. The trick is detailed On Twitter For the curious, it consists of modifying the plist file to force the interface to be activated (it is disabled by default). “ This command tells iOS to bypass device verification to support Siri activation eligibility », specifies @MrCreator1. Our former Saiyan trainee managed to activate it and sent us some pictures. However, this is still a bit complicated for a simple aesthetic change, especially since new betas that shouldn't take too long to release might risk breaking everything.

iGeneration photo.

Other breakthroughs were found during the week. The first allows us to show up Photo playground While a second allows recording Waiting list From Apple Intelligence. Nothing works at the moment, and we'll no doubt see more when the next betas are released.

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