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It is common to hear that The omnipresence of technology distracts us from Theatersthe follower Museumsthe follower books…Maybe this is partly true. On the other hand, we often forget that Cultural sector It does a pretty good job on its own at isolating itself from the general public: the intimidation of museums, the elitist prices, the geographical distance… and if…Access to cultureWe have made progress, both in form and substance, and there is still much more to be done. There is no shortage of ideas, especially between Baldwin Trostembergco-founder (with Sailor Saint Samus) l long story. “We are launching a series ofImmersive virtual reality experiences around Cultural, historical and natural heritage“, explains the “serial” businessman. Practically what he offers long storywhich is wandering, a Virtual reality headset On the head for half an hour at a distance of 100 meters2 (for personal experience)Leonardo da Vinci), place (Everst top), It happened ( French Revolutionthe Normandy landing…). “The technology is now ready to make it accessible to as many people as possible to places that no longer exist or cannot be reached by anyone, with attention to accuracy and accuracy that is absolutely amazing,” he enthuses. Baldwin Trostemberg.

Napoleon, first

A personalized first experienceEmperor NapoleonIt will be launched this year in France and Belgium. With us he is Army Museumin Fiftywhich will host the first production of long story. “Museums or institutions we work with obviously require scientific accuracy from the scenario we present, which is a great guarantee for us and our users,” explains the co-founder. This scientific validation is important, because Saga specifically aims to take culture out of museums, and invest it in places where it doesn't often exist. the Cinemas On the one hand, to enrich the content presented before or after the presentation, but also, and above all, Commercial centers.

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