The next version will take control of your iPad

Apple announced the arrival of macOS Monterey with iPad control, the addition of shortcuts and an all-new version of Safari.

As expected, Apple took advantage of the WWDC 2021 event, which opened on Monday, to unveil the new version of its operating system for PCs: macOS Monterey.

In addition to some of the new features previously announced for FaceTime or iMessages – also available on macOS – the main novelty of this new version is with Universal Control. It is actually a way to connect your macOS computer to your iPad.

Universal Control, to use iPad and MacBook at the same time

Concretely, it will be possible to use a single keyboard and mouse to control both the MacBook computer, the iMac all-in-one computer and the iPad tablet thanks to this new functionality. By approaching the iMac to the MacBook, we can move the computer cursor over the tablet screen. It will also be possible to use the laptop keyboard to type a message on the iPad.

The function also makes it easy to share files, by dragging them from one device to another. The functionality reminds us of what some third-party apps already offer, but it has the advantage that it comes directly from Apple. Above all, the company is not limited to just two devices, but also allows to extend its workstation to three monitors such as iMac, MacBook and iPad, a file that can go from the first to the third via the second to the middle.

Another update about macOS Monterey revealed by Apple: AirPlay access on Mac. Concretely, just as videos or music files can already be shared to a compatible TV from your iPhone, this functionality will make it possible to take advantage of the iMac M1 screen to display a video being launched from the smartphone.

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Shortcuts in macOS

Shortcuts in macOS

The shortcuts that Apple released on iOS 13 will also work on brand computers with macOS Monterey. Thus it will be possible, from his computer, to program, download or edit various functions with triggers and consequences. The function will of course also work with Siri.

All-new version of Safari on macOS and iOS

Finally, another cool update Apple revealed about macOS has to do with its browser: Safari. The company has revised its software interface from top to bottom. Now more granular, with more confidential and tighter tabs, Safari also adds a number of new features.

This is especially the case for tab groups that you will enter into Safari using macOS Monterey. If this functionality isn’t a priori anything innovative – many browsers now offer it – Apple has added some good options. Not only can tab groups be shared directly – via email for example – but we can also find them from one device to another if we also use an iPhone or iPad. On iOS, Safari has also largely revised the way tabs work, now allowing them to be more easily manipulated from the bottom of the screen. Safari will also allow the integration of extensions, including on the iPhone.

These new functions will arrive with macOS Monterey. The public version is expected to be released in the fall.

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