Faxes do not make their pin for the Covid vaccine with the Campania region code

There are details that emerge from the precise view of the material captured during filming No-vax demonstration in Naples, On June 2 in Piazza Dante, on Republic Day, an unauthorized protest took place nonetheless in defiance of any law. Details appear in the video in which journalist Fanpage.it asks protesters to provide an explanation for their (absurd and unscientific) reasons.

Some people keep a pin on the screen that looks through and through Broche is very popular in the Campania region Saves for those who have vaccinated themselves against Covid-19 and goes The phrase “I was vaccinated” Complete with the regional body symbol and the pink primrose that symbolizes the Italian vaccination campaign. It is a tool that has had unexpected success in Campania: it has been immortalized in thousands of photos on social networks by those who are gradually being vaccinated against Sars-CoV2.

The truth is that some anti-crackers have found it appropriate to use the same graphic format for a pin with completely different contents than the institutional one. The modified instrument was worn by some participants in a demonstration in Piazza Dante where the 3V movement protested, among other things, against masks and the obligation to vaccination. However, the modified pin left the emblem of the Campania region and the slogan of the “Italy is reborn with a flower” campaign promoted by the government’s commissioner for vaccinations against Covid-19.

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