The number of units distributed in the first month has been officially revealed –

Bandai Namco has released a new financial statement, through which we can see Number of copies sent In the first month Elton Ring: Let’s talk about 13.4 million Units.

According to Nibel, who reported the information via Twitter, Bandai has revealed the units sent by Namco By March 31, 2022, Or by the end of the fiscal year. Since then, it’s been over a month, so the number may be higher, perhaps “too much”. Unfortunately, at this time we do not have accurate data regarding this.

We emphasize that as well Bandai Namco He talks about “sent” copies, not “sold”. That means as of March 31, 2022, the Elden Ring has not yet sold 13.4 million units. However, as a rule, the difference between shipped and sold is not much, so the success of the game is not in question.

We also see weekly that the Elton Ring tops the Steam sales chart, which proves that the game continues to sell copies two months after its release. This is definitely the biggest success of FromSoftware.

Read our review to understand why the Elton Ring is so popular.

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