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IMDb has revealed its new app available on Amazon Fire TVs in the US. – Image courtesy of IMDB via ETX Studio

Paris, May 10 – What should you watch on TV tonight? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, you know that it can sometimes be very difficult to choose from the many content available on Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, and more.

Between the latest romantic comedy and the new drama series, is your heart swinging in the balance? Well, there is an app that can help you. We explain.

Do you sometimes freeze indecisively in front of an endless catalog of streaming sites? Choosing the next series or a new movie to watch can be stressful at times.

This is a question being taken up by IMDb, a reference site for movies and series. call IMDb What to watchThis new app can help you find the next show to watch, according to your taste.

Available for free, but only in the US, on the Amazon Fire TV product line, the app allows users to play interactive games to get recommendations for movies and series available on streaming platforms.

There are two more matches on the horizon already

A total of three interactive games have been launched, according to an Amazon press release. the first draw fast It allows the user to choose three series or movies. While this interactive game allows users, in theory, to limit their search without drowning out the multitude of content offered on Prime Video, Netflix and Disney+, the tool, on the other hand, offers reshuffling of cards for the most hesitant.

another game, this or that, triggers a series of questions for players to answer that will help select the perfect movie or series for their tastes. Amazon also says that users can set their preferred viewing time before viewing results.

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to complete Watch the challenge Users are asked to watch and rate a list of movies, from the most popular franchises to the most award-winning feature films, including the top 250 movies on IMDb. Challenges Users Can Earn Badges – How to use them has not yet been explained.

IMDb already plans to release two more games before the end of 2022. Time MachineWhich will allow visitors to choose a period of history to find movies, and building cast Which will allow you to choose your favorite actresses and actors to make up your cast and see if they have already screened.

Netflix and HBO Max already offer services that allow you to randomly choose content from their respective platforms. – ETX studio

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