The perfect controller for your mobile gaming sessions

Backbone controller It aims to transform the mobile gaming experience by combining style with advanced features. This test examines its characteristics and performance in detail.

We chose the console in white, with the PS5 configured with Lightning charging. To access your game library, the Backbone app is at your disposal. To be able to play a PS5 game, you must play using the Remote Play app.


From the moment you hold it, the Backbone Controller is light and has a solid finish, providing a nice touch. To play with your phone, you must remove the case from your phone, but you have adapters at your disposal if you want to keep the case. Once removed, all you have to do is easily insert the phone into the console. Although the buttons are a good size, they are quite noisy, which can be annoying in environments such as public transport.

Advanced Options

The ability to charge the controller while gaming is an undeniable advantage, extending your gaming sessions without interruption. It is compatible with a very good dedicated app, which makes it easy to connect and configure with Android devices via USB-C and iOS via Lightning, including the latest models like the iPhone 12. The app offers a library of 3,016 games. There is something for every taste. The app is very easy to use with a good interface to help you find your way around.

Performance and usability

In terms of performance, the controller provides an overall smooth experience, with some minor lags detected during use, especially on the directional pad. Although these latencies are not painful, they may be noticeable for more sensitive players. Although the buttons are a good size, they can be a bit uncomfortable for people with larger hands, limiting their gaming comfort. In fact, when using the joysticks, they can find themselves pressing the buttons above very quickly. To perform this test, we played Hades as well as Resident Evil 4. We had no latency, and it was very smooth. We had no issues during our gaming sessions.

The console's design is sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. The LR and R2 triggers provide accurate response, although their travel may be considered a bit short by some players who are used to a longer feel.

The Backbone controller presents itself as an attractive option for mobile gamers looking for a stylish and practical solution. With its sturdy design, ability to recharge while gaming, and well-designed app, it provides a more than enjoyable mobile gaming experience.

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To summarize

The Blackbone controller delivers an advanced mobile gaming experience with its sleek design, in-game charging and comprehensive compatibility with Android and iOS.


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