Noticing that he is in trouble, he grabs him by the tail: what will he find in the water?

That's what happened in this viral video, which shows a man rescuing a struggling creature in the water.

A man saves a creature from the water –

A video is making the rounds online and shows a very brave man with quick reflexes saving what appears to be a sea creature. Then it becomes something completely different, an organism with certain unique characteristics. Let's show it right away.

He grabs it by the tail and carries it to the boat

A video of a man saving a real life has recently gone viral on the internet Impressive. The man filmed him along with others on the boat and posted the video online. Footage shows a man grabbing what appears to be a sea creature by its tail. Once outside you will realize that it is not.

A man saves a monkey
A man saves a baby monkey –

The man realized how the little animal was in trouble, so he thought intervention He takes him in his boat. He succeeded, and as soon as he was taken away, the puppy spat out the water he had drunk quite involuntarily. He was very frightened by the danger he faced, but gradually he gained confidence and calmed down. Today's hero is a monkey and below is a viral video showing an extraordinary rescue by this generous man.

Man saves monkey

Monkeys are amazing creatures. We recently told you the story of the man who gave money to the monkey and it was really extraordinary. Today we reveal to you what kind of monkey was saved by the man in the boat. We are talking about the proboscis, an Old World monkey belonging to the subfamily Colophinae of the Cercopithecidae family. This monkey has its habitat mainly in tropical areas such as the forests of Borneo. A curiosity is that the Indonesians call it “moniet belanda” which means “Dutch monkey“, mockingly describing the ancient Dutch settlers as pot-bellied people with big noses. But how does this man save the monkey? Here we show you in this video.

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As you can see Video, man makes an exceptional saving. Bring this little monkey to safety with its distinctive feature, the swinging nose. It is not clear what this nose is used for, but according to some scholars it serves as a sexual appeal, while for others it is a kind of mechanism for heat dissipation. You should know that in male specimens this protuberance can measure up to 17 centimeters.

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