The Promised Neverland: New details on the smartphone game

Japanese company CyberAgent today announced that the planned smartphone game for its “The Promised Neverland” series (in Japanese: “Yakusoku no Neverland”) will be released for iOS and Android in Japan this spring.

Players must work together

The game, called “The Promised Neverland: Escape the Hunting Grounds”, is an online escape game in which you have to team up with four other players in real time to defeat demons and find an escape path to look for.

Players will also have the opportunity to equip a variety of characters with different types of weapons and fight to survive in multiple locations in the manga form, such as Grace Field and Goldy Pond. While spinning, the items must also play a role in defeating demons.

An anime adaptation of the manga series was produced by author Kaiu Shirai and illustrator Demizu Posuka at CloverWorks Studio. The eleven-part season two began on January 6, 2021 in original audio with German subtitles on Simultaneous Broadcast WAKANIM.

Season 1 is already available with Peppermint’s German and Japanese audio versions. The manga was published in German by Carlsen Verlag.

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Emma, ​​Norman and Ray live very well in the Grace Field House orphanage. Surrounded by their brothers and sisters, they have developed beautifully under the care of “my mother”, their caregiver. However, one night they learn the terrible truth behind their idyllic life and nothing should be the same! You must run now … or die!

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