Climb 2 gets its release date in Oculus Quest and Quest 2

Although it has been on the packaging of Oculus Quest 2 since its inception, Crytek has yet to reveal the release date of the sequel to the climbing game in VR. The wait is over now, as the studio announced that The Climb 2 will be arriving next month in Oculus Quest and Quest 2!

Climbing 2 It will present more ways and more sensations. With stunning scenery and stunning environments, the game will take players on a journey into mountainous regions And for the first time in urban areas.

So if you are comfortable With vertigo in virtual reality, You will be able to satisfy yourself by going climbing mountain slopes and cave walls, without forgetting to pass by huge skyscrapers.

While the photos of the first trailer are “computerized”, Climbing 2 It will be exclusive to the Oculus Quest / Quest 2 platforms. From 4 March 2021. Therefore, the Oculus Rift is deprived of the continuation of one of the games that deservedly accompanied the launch of the Rift CV1. Hopefully, there is a potential two-step launch, which Facebook could actually benefit from a releaseOculus Quest 2 To temporarily block some games on PC’s VR side …

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