The PS5 exclusive is featured in the launch announcement

In the potential science fiction movie Returnal, players who play astronaut Selene must escape the bend of a sinister time that keeps them trapped on a dangerous planet. The fact that players will penetrate deeply into the psyche of the hero is once again evidenced by the official launch trailer Sony has published with developer Housemarque.

In the PS5 comeback …

Return… players must …

Return… breaking a time loop

Returnal tells the story of astronaut Celine, who follows a mysterious signal during a mission that leads her to the planet Atropus. Having landed (read: crashed) on this planet, she finds herself in a world that is lively but also hostile and seems inevitable.

The cool thing about it: After each passage, Celine finds herself at the starting point in a slightly changed world and has to adapt to changing circumstances over and over again.

Right of Return will be released on April 30, 2021 exclusively for PlayStation 5 You will benefit from the console’s fast SSD, for example. This allows players to return to play upon the death of the heroine.

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