“Today, my priority is Les 12 Coups de midi”

It is an important step that has just been taken Bruno, the midday master from Jean-Luc Richman, Lectured on 12 shots at midday Since January 20, 2021. By verifying his 99th participation, he is guaranteed to participate in Program No. 100 on Thursday April 29, 2021 on TF1. Thus it equals Veronique Who had faltered a few years ago at the time of this symbolic phase. The judiciary that she suffered from Like “big shock”, on time. The current candidate, who has amassed 421,754 euros in gifts and profits, is not putting himself under any pressure, as he explained today to Tilly Luizier.

Télé-Loisirs: Tomorrow you will be entering your 100th show, do you realize how far you have come to the show?

BG: Yes, there’s a symbolic aspect, it’s a great number. But that was never a goal for me. What defines me most is being at the level of great back masters. There I come from Lion overrun, And the Veronique It’s still right in front of me. Both were crazy … but I didn’t push myself to reach a hundred.

It is a stage that others have fallen into …

I am not a superstition. I don’t know if these candidates are putting pressure on themselves. We see that some are lost in symbolic moments (Leo was approaching 100, Véronique had to verify his authenticity, Eric lost in his 199th appearance…). I sequence shows without counting down those moments.

has become (…)

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