The recreation room amounts to $ 1.25 billion

The Social VR Rec Room app just announced that its fundraising has paid off. It then raised at least $ 100 million in funding. As a result, the company is now valued at $ 1.25 billion.

With $ 1.25 billion, Rec Room is now one of the world’s most valuable virtual reality companies. Although it is still a long way from the sector giants, including HTC, Valve or The social networking site Facebook, It still should not be neglected. It revealed Madrona Venture Group, Index Ventures and Sequoia Capital are the main investors in its latest fundraising.

Rec Room: What is the secret of the platform?

The Seattle-based company has raised more than $ 20 million during its tenure Fundraising in December 2020. Now that number rises to $ 149 million or so 126 million euros.

Aside from the free download, one of the reasons for this success is undoubtedly the A token sale. Keep in mind that it can be used to purchase in-game items. It can also be used to access user generated content.

There is also a “Plus” subscription that lets you store icons on a regular basis. It also allows you to benefit from some Cuts In some articles of the application. The best thing is that Plus members now have the ability to create rooms and items. They can then sell it for some kind of tokens that they can redeem for real money.

A company with a bright future in the future

rest room

With monetization strategies, Rec Room benefits from an economy It works great. Its users invest time in order to create more value in the platform. Moreover, they can earn real money.

Nowadays, the company has a bonus of it every month no less than thatOne million users The origins of the VR version of the game. Added to this of course are other members who use classic consoles, computers and mobile devices, among others.

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In short, it must be said that the company is enjoying More leeway To develop. Note that this year it plans to pay $ 1 million in real money to developers through the token exchange.

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