The action oriented Battle Royale game gets a new trailer

Announced a couple of years ago at the Game Awards 2019, it’s the action-oriented Battle Royale game Naraka: Playpoint They took advantage of Future Games Show to reveal a new trailer for the game. One thing is for sure, there will be some action, here’s the thing.

Battle Royale, up to 60 players

If we’re not sure what to think about this production 24 entertainmentThis new game demo allows us to shed some light on our lanterns. Naraka: Playpoint It will take the form of an action game during Battle Royale, and it can be played by up to 60 players.

We will have the opportunity to embody a group of characters with their special skills, and a large group of knives and knives will be looted in the game. Furthermore, as this trailer shows, you’ll be able to transform into Warrior Vagera, a massive creature with multiple arms that allow you to crush your enemies more easily.

Obviously, we appreciate the dynamic feel of the program, and ask to see if the title won’t be too messy in the various parts. Also note that your fight will allow you to hook your enemies, but also hide in the shadows or even flee combat.

By the way, you know The trial version will take place from April 23-25, And you can actually request access to it at Steam page for the game. Enough to allow players to soon travel to the huge island of Morus, where 60 players will be able to get rid of each other.

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Reminder, Naraka: Playpoint Scheduled for this summer without further details on PC via Steam.

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