The Red Lions made it through: “We were superior in the game and physically in Holland”

The general opinion is that the Belgians have dominated their opponents. “It was not easy to start the tournament with Holland and Germany. We had the pressure, and we were mentally prepared for any eventuality, until we lost those two matches. So, to start with a win, I think everyone comes out of this match with confidence and that is the most important. It is the perfect start to the tournament, but it is a match Only one. Everything will be played in the quarter-finals. With this win, we are practically qualified to the quarter-finals” at the discretion of John John Domin. “It removes a lot of pressure for the future.” “It wasn’t perfect to score a goal, but we were up front in the game, what we missed was getting a computer. From the moment we did that, we started scoring. We were very patient. We kept playing our game, even if we weren’t scoring. If we didn’t score. We do that, you could have gone the other way. We were in a better position, better focused, and more organized.”

Cedric said: “Despite the goal handed, we felt up, we were in a good place. There was no reason to panic. It was also a team match, easier than a cleaver match. It’s a good start to the tournament.” Charlier.

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