The report says that Sony will move away from the PS VR2 and will develop a few games for the system

Sony I decided to focus back on virtual reality with the PlayStation VR2. But everything indicates that the company regrets its decision and is not satisfied with the commercial performance of its device PlayStation 5.

Is Sony withdrawing from PlayStation VR2?

According to a recent report, the company will move away from… PlayStation VR 2 Very few games will be developed for this system. In fact, it is rumored that from now on Sony will approve very few titles, and that it currently only has a handful of projects in development.

PlayStation VR2 will lose support from Sony

Sony will stop developing games for the PlayStation VR2

Android Central Sony claims to have lost interest in the PlayStation VR2. According to their sources, the company will significantly reduce gaming funding Virtual Reality. This means that creators interested in this technology will have “very few opportunities to develop VR games.”

Very few games are in development for PlayStation VR2

Therefore, the PlayStation VR2 will contain very few games developed by Sony studios. According to the details, the company currently has only two active projects for this system. The report adds that there is a possibility that these productions will never see the light of day, due to layoffs and studio closures that have clearly affected… Play Station.

Third-party studios can save PlayStation VR2

This doesn't mean PlayStation VR2 will be without new games. Third-party development studios are working on producing the device. In fact, during the latest state of operation, some announcements were made for this device.

Adapter for PS VR2 to PC

On the other hand, Sony is preparing to launch an adapter that will allow players to connect their PlayStation VR2 to the computer. This will allow them to take advantage of the vast library of games already available on platforms like Steam.

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Sony did not confirm this report and declined to comment on it, so it remains just a rumor. Despite this, it is worrying news for brand fans. It's important to remember that consoles like the PlayStation Vita expired due to the lack of support they received from Sony when it came to software, and it looks like history will repeat itself with PlayStation VR2.

It's clear that the future of PlayStation VR2 is uncertain. As video game fans, it's disappointing to see a promising technology receive so little support from its creator. Perhaps Sony should reevaluate its strategy and listen to the demands of its community. Before declaring this virtual adventure a failure, it is necessary to remember that innovations and games with immersive experiences have always been able to find their audience – provided you have the right support and patience. The PlayStation VR2 could rise from the ashes if Sony and third-party developers invest in innovative, memorable gaming experiences.

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