The Return of the ‘Dumbphone’


When you’re out in a busy public area, if you have a quick scan of the scene around you, you’ll be inundated with the images of people staring at their smartphones. This amazing technology has become so embedded into our everyday lives, that most of us would feel completely lost if we had to leave the house without it. To get an idea of the scale, according to records by Statista, there were 1.43 billion smartphones sold worldwide in 2021.

Nevertheless, there are some people that are choosing to turn their back on the smart part of phones, and instead are seeking out ‘dumbphones’. These dumbed down phones basically allow their users to jump back in time to an era when devices didn’t do much beyond being able to call and message people. So, think of new models being released, that are actually based on phones from the late nineties/early 2000’s, such as the seemingly indestructible Nokia 3310.

Why Are People Returning to Dumbphones?

If you’re someone who’s infatuated with your smartphone, and are always scrolling through social media, uploading photos and videos of your life, and basically see it as an extension of your personality, then you’ll probably find the idea of giving all that up completely alien. However, for a growing number of people, having a smartphone constantly at their fingertips has become a major hindrance. They find that their phone being able to do so much stuff completely overwhelms them, and instead of making everything easier, actually completely stresses them out.

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This seems linked to the paradox of choice, a psychological thesis that was first proposed by Barry Schwarz in 2004, which puts forward that having too many options actually puts strain on our lives, as it can lead to feeling unfulfilled. That’s why many lifestyle trends in the past decade are all about choosing to strip back people’s lifestyles, to revert back to basics, and this is now equally true for phones.

No wonder then, that Google searches for dumbphones jumped by 89% between 2018 and 2021, according to a report by SEMrush. Maybe your next phone should be dumbed down then, if you agree that your current smartphone is more hindrance than helpful. Whatever phone you choose, make sure to read up on what are the best mobile package offers at the moment.

Which Devices Are Most Popular?

If you do opt for the simpler life, and are wondering which dumbphone device to buy, then the most popular models are not made by Apple or Microsoft, like they are with smartphones. The previously mentioned Nokia have now forged themselves as the go-to brand for these dialled back phones, by consistently putting out great devices that further build on their previous success from the pre-smartphone era.

It also depends how stripped back you want your device to be, as they have different models that have more features than others. The Nokia 2720 Flip for instance, actually has the ability to use WhatsApp, search through Facebook, and even watch videos on YouTube. It also has a 2-megapixel camera, and highly impressive battery life. Although, it should be noted that the device is implemented with a T9 keyboard, meaning it will be much more difficult typing out messages, compared to a touchscreen. Yet, it will make a brilliant middle-ground choice for someone that wants to get rid of their smartphone, but doesn’t want to completely cut themselves off from some features.

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Do They Have Games?

One major part of having a smartphone now is being able to game on the go, and if you’re looking to digital detox, but unsure whether you could manage without being able to play whenever you want, then let’s have a look at what kind of games they do offer. The good news is that all the Nokia devices come loaded with the legendary Snake, meaning you can try to beat your high-score in this incredibly addictive game whilst out and about.

The bad news though, is that if you’re used to playing online games on your smartphone, then reverting to a basic model won’t be appealing to you, especially if you’re constantly playing the latest battle-royale release, high-graphics first-person shooters, or even online casino games, like the ones featured over on Vegas Slots Online. That’s where you can find the best no deposit bonuses      all grouped together in one fantastic list, as their gambling experts have searched the entire web to deliver you with the latest no deposit bonuses that will let you keep what you win. They also constantly keep the page updated, so you’ll never have to go without some truly tantalising offers.

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