The Sephonie combo platformer will be available on April 12th.

In the near future, three biologists undertake a joint mission to use their state-of-the-art ONYX implants to study the uninhabited organisms of Sephonia Island. But as they approached the island, they were smashed by a sudden storm.

Amy Lim, a Taiwanese American and daring leader, hails from the city of Bloomington in the American Midwest. Ryo Hayashi, an analytical-minded Japanese-Taiwanese scholar, hails from the bustling metropolis of Tokyo. Ing-wen Lin, a kind and caring Taiwanese scientist, lives in Taipei.

The trio will find their motivations and loyalties tested as they navigate the Sephonia Caves, where they encounter not only physical challenges but also their deepest memories and dreams. As they become more intimate with each other and the island, an ancient power, simmering in the depths of the island’s abyss, can threaten their new relationship, and the world…

Angesec Productions announces that the following 3D platformer game, Siphoniawill be released on April 12, 2022 on PC and Mac.

Memories linger through time, deep beneath the island’s surface. In this 3D platform game, explore the massive cave system of Sephony Island and make contact with unidentified species using the new Puzzle Grid system. Explore the depths of the island as outcast biologists Amy, Ing-wen and Riyou, whose personal stories add to the changing spiritual landscape of the island’s depths.

Use a combination of stunts to move between jade green canopies and rusty sandstone towers. Shoot yourself over high ledges with the Teledash vault and skilfully cross the dangerous bumps of Wallrun.

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Wrestle through the air with the help of sharp-tongued ribs or climb high slopes with sticky-skinned Gripshrooms. By bonding with certain creatures, you will gain new abilities to reach the depths of the island.

The trio must search for unknown creatures on the island by connecting with them. Using the unique “Puzzle Grid” system, you’ll rotate and place a series of multi-colored pieces on the board to create large islands of the same color. Each creature has different challenges to overcome!

There is no “correct” solution to the link: Use your intuition to respond to the creature’s movements and what appears on the board, and you’ll soon be on your way to success!

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