The Summer Sale is coming to Steam, and a trailer reveals some of the games on offer

The Steam Summer Sale What's coming and as per tradition Valve has released a trailer that prepares the players with the reveal. Some of the topics in the ad This new round of succulent offerings will begin on June 27.

Some of the most popular topics in recent months can be seen in the video Ballworld, Lords of the Manor and Content Warning. “There is also talk of a new type ofSummer sale deep discounts“, which includes particularly convenient ads that should not be missed. In short, this time again Valve will try to lighten our digital wallets, will it succeed?

Games confirmed for Steam Summer Sale

Here's a partial list of games offered during the Steam Summer Sale that can be seen in the video:

  • rain world
  • Ballworld

  • iRacing

  • Disney Dreamlight Valley

  • Supermarket Simulator

  • Kebab chefs! Restaurant Simulator

  • Lords of the Manor

  • Stellaris

  • The Planet Crafter

  • Content warning

  • Party animals

  • The ultimate chicken horse

  • RoboQuest

  • Batman Arkham Knight

But that's not all, as Valve has launched a promotion on the 64GB and 512GB LCD Steam Decks, which you can purchase with a 15% discount for a limited time. Before you leave, we remind you that the Steam Summer Sale will be happening Between June 27 and July 11. Do you think the above mentioned games will tempt you with a good discount percentage? Or are you waiting for some special offers on certain games? Let us know in the comments.

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