The Tesla Model 3's biggest flaw has finally been corrected with this simple solution

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If you own a recent Tesla, you may have noticed that Absence of indicator and gear selector leversThis is a change that divided the user community. Fortunately, there is a solution to bridge this gap and restore the driving experience you deserve.

New Tesla Facelift Challenge

Tesla vehicles are often praised for their modernity and array of advanced technologies, such as adaptive headlights, recently improved self-driving features, and even entertainment provided while charging. However, the recent introduction of the Models without physical controllers, like the Model S, Model Removing traditional controls made interactions such as changing direction or choosing speed less intuitive.

In view of this situation, I Accessories manufacturer I quickly found a solution: a replacement controller set that would fit the affected models perfectly, giving users the ability to familiarize themselves with physical controls.

Kit installation: simple and respects your car

This alternative control group, It sold for around 400 eurosIt offers a practical alternative for owners who want to return to the traditional driving experience. Installation of this device is easy for everyone thanks to a clear demonstration video provided by the manufacturer, which demonstrates the ease of installation using a ratchet wrench. despite of It can be installed by itself.It is recommended that you entrust it to a professional to ensure installation that complies with standards, because some modifications, such as the steering column, require precise tightening torque.

Regarding the safety of your car, the manufacturer reassures users: By adding these control units to your Tesla car It does not affect your vehicle warranty.. This kit is designed to be perfectly integrated, so the consoles look like the original, without affecting the performance or aesthetic appearance of your vehicle.

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Before you make a decision: Evaluate the value for money.

Getting this set represents a Moderate financial investment, with the initial cost of the kit and possibly the cost of installation by a technician. Before making this modification, it is necessary to weigh the benefits in terms of comfort and ergonomics against the investment required. For many, finding the ease of use of traditional controllers justifies the investment, especially for those who use their car daily or over long distances.

Additionally, the decision to modify an element as essential as your car's controls demonstrates the importance of feeling in harmony with your car, so make sure this transformation truly meets your expectations in terms of comfort and practicality.

Although the abandonment of traditional controllers in Tesla's latest models has sparked some controversy, the alternative controller suite presents itself as… An effective and affordable solution To improve the driving experience. It's an innovation that, while respecting the original spirit of Tesla vehicles, makes driving easier and more enjoyable for those who prefer classic physical controls. If you're one of those people who's been confused by Tesla's latest interfaces, this kit might be the answer to your needs.

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