The tool can load Oculus Link directly into SteamVR

OculusKiller is a new open source tool that is able to download Oculus Link directly to SteamVR. To do this, it disables louver dash.

Available on GitHub now, OculusKiller is the work of ItsKaitlyn03 software engineer. Some VR users may have heard of this name before. Earlier this month, the tool’s developer discovered, among other things, a code that says “VR Air Bridge”. It will be an accessory to improve the wireless connection of the Meta headset research to a computer. The name OculusKiller isn’t new either. In fact, there is already another tool with the same name on GitHub. However, this is instead used to turn off Oculus services on a PC.

OculusKiller: How does the tool work?

From a technical point of view, Kaitlyn’s tool, OculusKiller, is a file Implementation of. It replaces the Oculus Dash executable with the simple SteamVR loader. To use it, you have to keep the Oculus app open on your PC. However, the app can no longer be seen in virtual reality.

Thus, by using the open source tool, one can play any VR content purchased on Steam on a Meta Quest headset in some way. Faster. In addition, it is more convenient than resorting to the classic method. Of course, content purchased from the Oculus Store is not affected by the process.

Anyway, disable Oculus Dash will increase significantly the performance of any computer according to Kaitlyn. We must not forget that it requires at least 200 megabytes of RAM and graphics memory, even if it is not used. The catch is that there is no way to quit SteamVR from your VR headset.

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When you close it, it restarts automatically. To close it, you will then have to remove the headset and close the Oculus app on your PC. to note that virtual desktop abuses Also the Oculus Dash user interface for those who are used to using Air Link.

For those who want to install OculusKiller, just Follow the instructions on github. During the installation, the user will of course have to rename the OculusDash.exe file. Since it can still be useful to him, he should not crush her in any way. So he can put something like OculusDash.exe.bak.

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