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New Era 2022 is coming to Mobile Legends: Adventure! Discover its content and all the bonuses available!

Mobile Legends: Adventure (MLA) is a relaxing RPG that fits your busy schedule. In this RPG, you will have the opportunity to collect and play with more than 100 different heroes with whom you participate in different game modes. With a quick start, and a very educational introductory tutorial, start your adventure in Mobile Legends: The Adventure is Fun. With daily rewards and quests, your progress in the game is smooth and you can start getting superheroes quickly.

As you advance in the game, you unlock new content with new challenges. Create a team tailored for you with a wide range of heroes to participate in PvE Fight (Babel TowerAnd the maze, and the countryside) but also PvP fights With the arena or while competing with friends.

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Finally, with the guild system, you can join other players for rewards to improve your items and heroes, but also participate in group clashes. You will understand it by playing Mobile Legends: AdventureThere are so many activities waiting for you! The game also includes new heroes and updates coming soon New era 2022 !

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new era It is an annual event that usually takes place in the month of May. Every year during the new era, from sexy content Will be added to the game like new events, from new heroes and the Limited time game modes With Many prizes.

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This event allows you to get a file Lots of rewards which will help you Get the heroes what you need Build your dream team. Find all the details about this event!

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Take part in the New Age event on Mobiles Legends: Adventure!

Players have the opportunity to participate in the New Era 2022 anytime from April 29, 2022 until June 2, 2022. Several events will be available in the game. Free, Since you only have to Download the game!

>> Download Mobile Legends: Adventure <

Golden Wishes: Earn high star-level heroes

Golden Wishes - Golden Wishes

During this event, you will have the opportunity to do so Objectives Through 28 days which will allow you Unlock the hero of your choice.

Moreover, by participating in these missions, you will be rewarded with a large number of Diamond Based on improvement materials.

Mirage without skin: play as the new hero Knight

The new knight, the hero, Melli

knight new hero epic level In Mobile Legends: Adventure. You will have the opportunity to get it for free For the duration of the event ! Perfect for you if you want to add this new character to your team to master the Dark templates.

In addition, during the event, you will be able to Get maps and resources From a knight as you progress through the event! enjoy Mirage without skin To get Pharsa Shards to upgrade and evolve in power.

knight traits :

View a video of the spells of a knight :

THE ORACLES DECK: Take part in the unique PvE card game!

event-new-age-mla-mobile-Legends-onlinenew era picture 7

This is a card game where you will have to use your creativity to create a deck of hero cards.

With this group, you summon heroes On the battlefield for Defend your core energy against enemy attacks.

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Several levels will be available in this unique event and for each level, Unique rewards at hand !

4 new skins appeared in the New Era event

New era new skin

During the New Age event, Four new skins for the heros will be added to the game. It will be available in play store Here is a chance to pamper yourself by giving yourself the skin of your favorite hero.

Download Mobile Legends: Adventure and start a unique experience!

>> Download Mobile Legends: Adventure <

If you haven’t decided yet whether you should download or not Mobile Legends: AdventureI know the game Free to play And that it is possible to play it and enjoy the events and content for free.

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In this RPG, you do not need to spend hours cultivating resources because a number of features allow you to enjoy the game while relaxing (automatic battle, quick fights, idle rewards). Finally, for fans of collections, this is an opportunity to collect more 100 charismatic champions.

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