The US military also wants to have its own interest

The US Army has all its parts, which are enough to perfect the training of its units while reducing risks and costs.

By switching to Meta, Facebook has announced color: the metaverse becomes the main priority. Today, many have embarked on this adventure. in the United States of America, The Pentagon is working on its own metaverse For his army, the US Army.

The US Army has all the pieces for its metaverse

Recently, it was talked about the Spaceverse, which was developed by the American forces, to train and train their forces. Not long ago, Wired magazine reported that the US Army had already developed its own metaverse line. Thanks to artificial intelligence, these environments make it possible to master unit training, with minimal risk.

If much is talked about today about the metaverse, the elements inherent in this collection have been around for a long time, whether it be virtual or augmented reality environments, 3D simulations or screens on helmets. For ten years now, virtual reality has been used in training pilots and sailors in the US Army, in order to significantly reduce costs. Using virtual reality, the US military can prepare its units for battlefields around the world and even help veterans cope with post-traumatic stress.

Enough to master the training of its units while minimizing risks and costs

For its part, Boeing is using augmented reality to train its mechanics before they even step in on a Navy plane. Each mechanic will have to validate this hypothetical training phase before proceeding with general machine maintenance.

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Some time ago, the US Army signed a $22 million contract with another American giant, Microsoft, to purchase at least 120,000 HoloLens helmets. Here again, the goal is clear, which is to incorporate mixed reality more and more into unit training.

The US military has a huge budget, the largest in the world. It also has very easy access to the best modern technologies. You don’t need to outsource the meta, Microsoft meta, is just to compile the various items already in their possession.

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