Kensington launched a range of PC magnetic and screen privacy filters

The Kensington brand has announced a wide range of privacy filters for computers and monitors. Its strong point: It’s magnetic so it’s easy to put on and take off quickly.

Magnetic Filter for Microsoft Surface Laptop // Source: Kensington

With mobile work comes new issues related to cyber security and especially human error. Privacy filters are a solution to countering the dangers of visual hacking.

In fact, according to Kensington, “52% of screens are at risk“.in 91% of cases, hackers are able to view your screen and” 68% of visible breakouts go unnoticed”.

What is a privacy filter

The privacy filter allows ” Better control of who can access the data on their screen It is a kind of transparent panel that you place on your screen that will limit the viewing angle. The goal is that only a person using a computer or monitor can read what is being displayed, without clearly interfering with the reading. This prevents prying and/or interested eyes .

Privacy filter for computer screen // Source: Kensington

The benefit from a safety and privacy perspective for people working on the go, more than being caught on the train in front of your cartelenovela A Netflix favorite you don’t really suppose.

Viewing angle of 30 degrees for quiet

The brand advertises a set of filters that limit the viewing angle to about 30 degrees. Its strong point is that it magnetically attaches to the screen frame and thus can be removed easily.

The mini magnets need to be placed around the screen in a fairly simple way so that you can then attach the filter. This makes it possible to adapt to any screen, whatever the size of the border, but also to be able to close a computer with the filter installed.

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So these filters are suitable for all computers or monitors. There is also a MagPro Elite set formodels2021 MacBook Pro 14-inch and 16-inch and Microsoft Surface Pro 8.

Kensington also supplies these new privacy filters with blue light protection, which “Helps reduce eye strain and filter up to 22% of harmful blue light rays“.

Kensington - Laptop - Privacy Filter
Kensington Magnetic Laptop Privacy Filter // Source: Kensington

indicates that its filters”Also reduces annoying glare from windows and bright lights“.

Finally, a filter that is placed on the screen is always a good idea to protect it from scratches and breakage. Don’t worry about the touch functions of compatible screens, they stay active.

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