The video game Sword Art Online Fractured Daydream will be released on October 3, 2024.

The game takes place in the virtual reality world called Alfheim Online, where an anomaly in the Galaxia system merges the worlds and timelines of the Sword Art Online series. Players will be able to play as their favorite characters from the franchise and form teams of up to twenty fighters to participate in cross-play raids and boss battles.

Sword Art Online Fractured Daydream Release Date Revealed

During the Nintendo Direct event on February 21, we discovered the first images of this game inspired by the fan-favorite anime. Here is the new trailer that Bandai Namco Entertainment has provided to accompany the reveal of the game’s release date, which is October 3:

[Français] SWORD ART ONLINE Fractured Daydream – Trailer Story

In this video we discover the story of the game, which takes place, as we said above, in the virtual world of Alfheim Online. Among the playable characters we find Leafa, Kirito's cousin, who is distinguished by her flying skills and her versatility in combat, her ability to use a sword, use magic and provide healing.

Pre-orders are now open for the Standard, Deluxe, and Premium editions. Buyers of the Digital Deluxe and Digital Premium editions will get 3-day early access to the game.

A beta test was organized in March 2024, allowing players to discover two different game modes. To our memory, the Switch was not affected by this beta but players were then able to try out two modes, a Raid mode with 20 simultaneous players, and a co-op mission mode, always with 20 players. The fruit of this beta was taken into account in the final version of the game.

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A date has been set for October 4th to discover the final version of

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