The video game will incorporate polyamorous relationships.

EA has revealed an upcoming expansion for The Sims 4. It specifically introduces non-monogamy and will be available on July 25.

The Sims dream of themselves as a reflection of society. The future extension of The Sims 4 “Lovestruck” (“Crazy love”in French), scheduled for July 25, represents a major development in the game by introducing polygamy, Mashable.

This refers to a relational practice in which partners agree to have sexual and/or romantic relationships with other people (consent is the distinguishing element between polyamory and adultery).

In light of this societal development.. Sims 4 Your Sims will now be allowed to maintain polyamorous relationships in the Heart of the World. Ciudad AnamoradaA new city dedicated to love – included in the expansion “love struck”.

Interactions, aspirations, and personality

The latter offers various meeting places such as parks, nightclubs, and a place dedicated to singles. The virtual dating app, Cupid's Corner, will allow Sims to find potential partners, Electronic Arts (EA) details in statement Emphasizing that avatars will be able to get likes and dislikes. Furthermore, satisfaction with their relationship becomes measurable.

The expansion also brings new intimate interactions, including a new type of kiss, a dance, and three new locations for “WooHoo” (the in-game equivalent of intercourse).

Four romantic dynamics are introduced: Ideal (blossome love), Passionate (focused on physical contact), Tense (difficult relationship), and Unpredictable (alternating between arguments and reconciliations). Sims can explore different romantic aspirations, and even become love counselors.

Two new personality traits have been added: “Reserved” and “Lovebug” (very open to love). The game also introduces two new fears: Fear of Intimacy and Fear of Loneliness, reflecting real-life fears.

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A key part of this expansion is the “Romantic Boundaries” system, which is free for all players. It allows you to customize your Sims’ approach to romantic exclusivity and jealousy.

Earlier this year – and in the midst of this momentum of social inclusion – EA announced that players could create avatars suffering from vitiligo – a skin condition characterized by white patches on the skin.

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