Getac S510, a Rugged, AI-Ready Laptop

To release the first rugged laptop in the AI-Ready era, Getac is relying on a standard configuration based on the Intel Core Ultra processor and Windows S510 operating system. For its first AI-ready PC, Getac hasn’t ventured into Qualcomm Snapdragon territory like many manufacturers. Its laptop incorporates the design and functionality of traditional x86 platforms.

By combining Intel’s AI Boost technology with Microsoft’s AI ecosystem, Getac provides a standard environment, including applications and development framework, to protect its installed base investments. Getac targets specific sectors such as public safety, industrial, automotive, and utilities, where robustness and compatibility requirements are high.

Core Ultra and AI Boost

The S510 is therefore equipped with an Intel Core Ultra 5/7 processor coupled with AI Boost and Intel Graphics, while a dedicated Microsoft Copilot key allows you to activate AI functions. It combines this set of features with certifications
MIL-STD-810H and IP53 certified, plus vibration and drop resistance up to 0.9 meters.

This new rugged laptop also features a 15.6-inch display.
1000 nits for optimal readability, even in direct sunlight, and adapts to a variety of lighting conditions. Additionally, the device offers extensive connectivity options. WiFi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3 are built in as standard, with optional connectivity
4G-LTE and 5G Sub-6 for users who need it.

Despite its 15-inch form factor, the S510's weight (2.35 kg) is generally reasonable. Its autonomy is based on a hot rechargeable battery that provides 6900 mAh. It can also accommodate a second battery of the same capacity, in order to extend its autonomy to almost one working day. Hot rechargeable
(or “hot swappable” in English) means that the batteries can be replaced without having to turn off or restart the computer.

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Hardware and software compatible platform

To meet different customer needs, the S510 can be configured to individual customer needs, with options including Thunderbolt 4 ports for faster data transfer, up to 64GB DDR5 (8GB standard) and up to 2TB of PCIe NVMe SSD storage (256GB standard). Additional options can also be added such as a laser barcode reader, a multimedia DVD drive, a second storage drive or an NVIDIA GPU.

By introducing the S510, Getac provides its customers with a hardware and software platform that can serve as the foundation for developing future AI-based applications. Getac’s unified approach offers several advantages in the context of developing cognitive computing, inference-based applications, machine learning, and edge computing.

Getac ensures maximum interoperability with a wide range of software and applications, including those developed by its customers to meet their needs. Compatibility with popular development tools such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Microsoft Azure AI services makes it easy to deploy AI solutions in the field.

Developers can use familiar, proven environments to build and optimize their applications. This enables seamless integration of new AI applications into customers’ existing infrastructures, reducing costs and implementation times.

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