The way to leave group chat “quietly” without leaving “left”

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app and there are many news related to it in recent times.

The latest headline on this site React to messages with emojisLarge file transfers and expansion of group participants.

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But not only that. You can chat in another language without you knowing through WhatsApp. But there are many news that the meta company wants better on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp News: The “quiet” way of chatting is coming

In fact, the latest news is that the app works to allow chat members to “quietly” leave a group.

In fact, at present, if a person wants to leave a group or leave a group, the gesture is common. In fact, an inscription appears to show what is happening. Considering that each group may have approximately 256 members, the announcements may divert the attention of other members if more individuals are dropped.

For this reason, WhatsApp developers are creating a way to exit the chat, which will only alert administrators. Then, when one of the group members leaves, a dialog box will be displayed with the inscription “Only you and the group administrator will receive a notification that you have left the group”.

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Also, WhatsApp works on another innovation related to sharing links. In fact, to date, we only see the URL if you insert a link in the status update. You can see more detailed previews on WhatsApp in the future.

However, to see the latest WhatsApp news, the new functions that are currently being developed need to be distributed to the public.

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