The Witcher becomes a board game

In May, the campaign will begin on Kickstarter to raise funds and prepare for a release scheduled for April 2022

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A new piece in a world Tools and accessories dedicated to the magician: After the popular video game developed by Cd Projekt Red, the novel and TV series have been added on Netflix, upcoming anime and other multimedia projects. Even a board game. Compared to the first attempt in 2014, the project is more organized and is actually ready to launch the fundraising process on Kickstarter with a release that won’t happen before 2022.

The first board game experience the magician Now seven years ago, in alignment with the release of the title and had intended it almost as Cd Projekt Red as a side initiative. The same Polish company has now announced a new board game that will be titled The Witcher: The Ancient World It will be developed with the popular product Go on Board. L ‘The creator is the already known ukasz Woźniak, Who organized games like the one for Valhalla H Titans.

Gamepad It would be the competitive adventure type With many immersive options and mechanics defined as innovative, yet on Preview page On Kickstarter, we don’t expose ourselves too much, and we leave a little mystery. There is also an official portrait of the square accompanied by two miniatures, which immediately earned positive acclaim.

Here’s the official video that tells us something more:

And so you can find that 2 to 5 people can play While the setting was long before the adventures of the starring Geralt of Rivia, the charming protagonist of the monolithic saga imagined by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. He will play a role Newly graduated from professional monster killers From one of the Witcher schools.

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The crowdfunding campaign will start next May and it will be interesting how The content of the game will also be partially determined by interaction with the community. The game will initially be released in English (and Polish) only a little over a year later, in April 2020.

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