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Masahiro Sakurai He is known around the world for his role as the director of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, but that is not his only achievement. Sakurai is actually the author of a regular article for Famitsu, a popular video game magazine for Rising Sun magazine. In the past, for example, he talked about the PlayStation 5, Cyberbunk 2077, and now, he has dedicated himself Among us. In his article he did not back down, ending with one Intrinsic Criticism.

The English translation of the Sakurai piece was provided by Cody Nokolo of the original gaming team. With that, we can read the director’s words that begin with creating a perspective between us and him Main dynamics. Only in the second section does he begin to say what he thinks.

For example, speaking Game Strategies, Sakurai says, does not provide something “clear” when playing between us. Innerslot’s work is based on the natural interactions between players, rather than on the actual internal dynamics. For this reason, according to Sakurai, is among us Like a card game Than other video games.

Inside the article, the director of Super Smash Brothers points out that there is not much action among the players, but admits that his “heart beats too fast” from the tension between us. Sakura, like most people, agrees He is not very good at lying Quickly – If things do not go as planned, it will be difficult to change plans and put other fraudsters at risk.

In the end, according to Sakurai, it is a game that is “managed” by the community rather than the internal game dynamics among us. For this reason, The director has no idea how long this will be popular.

For now, however, the most appreciated and new content is coming to us: here is all the news of the new Airship map explained by Innersloth.

Veronica Tucker

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