The world of Asterix and Obelix is ​​at the heart of this new virtual reality escape game

Fans of Asterix and Obelix will be able to discover the franchise in a new light! Starting September 7, 2024, the Virtual Room will offer a new gaming space inspired by this universe. The chain of entertainment centers is located specifically in Labige and will give visitors the opportunity to do so Facing the Roman legionAs if they were in -50 BC.

“Our goal is to honor this timeless universe while presenting it A new way to explore it. With “Asterix: Mission Potions!” “We add an extra dimension to the experience of comics, films or animation,” says Benoît Bouthenon, General Manager of the Virtual Room.

Virtual reality adventure

For complete immersion in the world of the famous Gauls, the animation is in virtual reality. “Thanks to the stunning graphics and numerous interactions, participants will find themselves alongside the iconic Asterix characters,” emphasizes the Virtual Room team. So the people of Toulouse will be able to Explore legendary places And facing challenges.

Among the stages to complete are a private potions lesson with Panoramix, a gathering in the forest under high protection, an escape from a high-flying prison, or even an epic battle against the Romans. Purists can rest assured, the escape game was created In cooperation with the rights holders of AsterixSo the humor must be faithful to that found in the comics.

What about the series?

“Editions Albert René is very happy about this wonderful collaboration with the Virtual Room that will offer the general public the opportunity to dive into the heart of the village and experience an adventure in -50 BC as if they were there,” adds Celeste Sorrog, General Manager. Director of the publishing house. Meanwhile, Netflix has just revealed The first images of the Asterix seriesproduced by Toulouse studio TAT Productions.

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