Them’s Fightin’ Herds – The fighting game will have the right to a physical copy on the Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Switch

While we had confirmation of it Their fighting flocksIndependent fighting game occurred mane 6 And the Modus Games Released this fall on the Nintendo Switch, Just For Games has been bidding for other good news. A partnership has been found between 3 companies to offer the title in physical copy on Nintendo Switch and competing media From 30 September 2022.

About their fighting flocks:

Adorable animals for fierce battles

The deadliest four-way fighting game comes in physics! The beloved 2D fighting game Them’s Fightin’ Herds brings the brooding mayhem back to home consoles with an all-new physical version. With characters designed by famous cartoonist Lauren Faust, this in-depth fighting game offers unique combat mechanics, beautiful levels, and luxurious animations. Learn the ropes as you play through the story mode divided into episodes filled with challenging boss battles. Then test your skills online to compete against other players from all over the world by undoing the network token of the GGPO.

Main Features:

  • Simplified combat: four-button combat mechanics, magic system, enhanced superhero attacks and limited combos in the air to prevent endless combos.
  • Story Mode: An episodic adventure filled with exploration, combat challenges, mini-games and boss battles!
  • Local vs. Players and Online Matchmaking: Take on enemies offline or compete in battles around the world with the powerful undoing of the GGPO’s network token.
  • Tutorial and Practice Modes: Learn the ropes through the tutorial, practice your combos in the informative practice room, test your skills with pre-configured combo challenges, or create your own to share with friends.
  • Replay system: Record your battles and then watch them again, frame by frame!
  • Pixel Lounge: Explore the visual lounge and meet other players. Customize your avatar using the resources collected in Hidden Salt Mines, a mini-game that involves progressing through a dungeon that tasks players with waves of combat from predatory NPCs… and other players!
  • Dynamic Music System: Battle music adapts to the characters so that every battle feels like a clash of heroes.

The physical Deluxe Edition includes Them’s Fightin’ Herds (the base game) and a Season 1 voucher.

Season 1 coupon includes:

  • 4 additional playable characters
  • 4 unique levels
  • Exclusive character board set (1 per character)
  • 4 Exclusive Pixel Living Room Accessories

* Season 1 Pass content will be available after launch.

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