There is now talk of a late summer marathon and possibly a PlayStation Showcase with Destiny 3.

Obviously this should be taken as a simple uncontrolled rumour, but given the context it can be interesting: according to a user on Reddit, there is a new possibility. A remarkable PlayStation showcase expected September 2024.

As reported by the alleged leaker, the event planned for September will be a true PlayStation Showcase, meaning it will be a big event that will host major announcements. Bungie games like Marathon and a possible reference to Destiny 3.

The latter will simply be called “Destiny”, but it will be a continuation of the series, so by all means the third chapter, waiting to understand what the precise title of the game in question is.

A PlayStation Showcase with News from Bungie?

What's interesting is that the user who posted this report had previously talked about an expansion called Frontiers, which found confirmation of sorts in Bungie's official teaser.

Marathon, a picture from the teaser trailer

In fact, the name appears at the end of a recent video detailing Destiny 2: The Ultimate Farm, and this coincidence immediately brought the league into the spotlight, causing other possible revelations at the PlayStation Showcase to come into focus.

These rumors are apparently constant and fueled by Sony's long silence on its internal products: many were aiming for an event at the end of May to learn something about news from PlayStation Studios, but apparently the latest Game level Considering that there have been requests from fans for Sony to organize an event similar to the Xbox Games Showcase seen last weekend, expectations have not been met.

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