This mobile app helps you find the nursing home that best meets your needs

Concerned about the well-being and health of seniors, providers collaborated to create a mobile application dedicated to searching for nursing homes. This valuable tool will allow seniors to simplify the process of choosing the right organization for their needs.

In a world where technology plays an increasingly important role in our daily lives, mobile applications dedicated to well-being and health have become popular health The elderly have become indispensable. Among them, there is an application that allows you to find Nursing home Adapted to the specific needs of the elderly, which is a valuable help. Find out which app it is.

Ehpad: This app helps you find one easily

Revolutionary application

Thanks to evolution technologyIt is now possible to schedule an appointment with A Accommodation facilities for the elderly. In fact, the Colisée and Emera groups have collaborated to appear on Doctolib's booking search engine. More precisely, by entering the name of the nursing home or by entering the name of the nursing home with its exact location, a list of institutions of this type is automatically displayed. “Creating this partnership with Doctolib is in line with our desire to simplify procedures for people looking for a reception solution for themselves or their loved ones.”“, announces Julien Houdebin, Director of Sales, Trade Marketing and Customer Experience for the Colisée group of nursing homes.

Functions of this application

when'user From the application finds the name of the institution, and different suggestions are available to them. People simply looking for information can schedule a site visit, have an initial phone conversation with a manager, or reach out via Messaging Believe. In addition, they can read a brief introduction indicating, for example, the number of beds available at the institution, and the presence of a secure care unit for residents such as those with Alzheimer's disease.

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Complete the application for admission to Ehpad

Therefore, people whose research has already advanced can contact the institution of their choice and apply for admission. They must then indicate the type of accommodation they are looking for. They can choose permanent or temporary accommodation and reports or day care capital.

Housing financing methods

After choosing the type of accommodation, they will be aware of the different steps that will allow them to know how to finance their care when staying in a nursing home. First, they will be asked to determine what budget they have. To this end, five scales will be presented, ranging in value from minus €2,000 to plus €5,000. Next, they will need to determine the financing methods to be used. This can be done alone, as a family, or through a retirement fund.

What documents must be submitted to enter a nursing home?

Additional contact information

as part of AcceptanceThey will need to provide additional information including the name of your treating physician and current prescriptions, if applicable. After checking their health status, they will have to answer questions related to their level independence. Before sending any letter, they must submit their Cerfa application to facilitate their admission to the nursing home. As a reminder, this application must be completed by the treating physician.

A service that is gradually developing

At the moment, the application is not completely ready, but the service is gradually being launched. In fact, the groups responsible for managing this service have not yet registered all of them Structures On the Doctolib app. Regarding this situation, at the moment the service is being launched gradually. These collections do not expose all their builds to Doctolib. The Colisée group has implemented this service in about twenty years From institutions In more than 160 nursing homes. The number of nursing homes listed should increase, which will allow optimal use of the application.

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