There will be other projects after the remakes, confirm Gides and Nomura –

Yoshinori Kitase e Tetsuya NomuraProducer and creative director respectively Final Fantasy 7 remake, Released a message to fans marking the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy Week. Among other things, the two have revealed that they will be there when the remake works are completed Other projects related to the Final Fantasy 7 universe.

In his message, Yoshinori Kidas thanked the fans and explained how they can expect more “Exciting” news Frame a Final Fantasy 7 in Futuro.

“Final Fantasy 7 is one of the top titles in the series again, thanks to games like Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier, and look forward to even more exciting new developments in the future!”

Final Fantasy 7 remake

Tetsuya Nomura also thanks the fans for their support in her message and, frankly, says that there will be more projects related to the universe of Final Fantasy 7 as soon as the remake (or Gods?) Remake works are completed.

“Will be Also new Final Fantasy 7 projects It will start after the upcoming remake, “says Nomura.” The team considers this 25th anniversary to be an important milestone in our journey with Final Fantasy 7 and will continue to make great strides, so please continue to support us in the future! “

We do not currently know the nature of the next plans for Final Fantasy 7, it could be new spin-offs, movies or TV series, or a sequel to the adventures of Cloud and his comrades. .

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