Thérondels: The mobile waste reception center moves as close to the population as possible

Smictom Nord-Aveyron (SNA) is Nord-Aveyron’s waste collection authority. “Local, fair and fair service in compliance with regulatory legal provisions”.

In this region of 30,000 people, many are still far from the eight waste receiving centers of the SNA. In order to solve this problem affecting the countryside, the “Mobile Waste Receiving Center” service has been set up. In order to provide efficient service, SNA chose to invest in suitable and practical equipment.

The mobile waste reception center, moved and managed by an SNA agent, is shut down for a day at a site. It has the same functions as stationary equipment. Car-accessible bins make it possible to distinguish bulky items, lumber, scrap metal, and WEEE.

And so, on Saturday, June 16, for example, the recycling center was located in the village square. The six caissons and their bypass made it possible to collect more than 50 m3 of waste for more than thirty lanes.

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