These Android and iOS apps are temporarily free

Like every week, NextPit brings you a selection of good deals for iOS and Android mobile apps and games that usually pay a fee but are temporarily free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

This list is updated weekly with at least two weekly editions, Tuesday and Saturday. Between publication and the time you read this article, some applications may load again. It’s fairly easy to predict Google Play Store codes on apps, but it’s more complicated with App Store deals because Apple doesn’t specify how long a discount will be.

Little tip: Did you find an interesting app, but you can’t use it at the moment? Install the app anyway, then delete it from your device. This way the app will be part of your app library and you can install it again for free when you need it. Good way not to miss any ephemeral promotion.

Free Android Apps Temporarily On Google Play Store

Temporarily free Android productivity/lifestyle apps on Google Play Store

  • NFC EMV Card Reader (€309): An application that allows you, as its name suggests, to read NFC or EMV cards;
  • Snapback (€2.99): The “Snipback” app is an old acquaintance in our free apps article. It is a smart dictation app;
  • Cosmos (2,49€): Full WTF interface mission planner inspired by shooters like Space Invaders. We assigned a Dedicated article here, if you are interested.
  • GPS Pro . digital dashboard (0,89 euros): 2-in-1 speedometer and GPS, but the reviews on the Play Store seem quite mixed.
  • Moonlight White Noise Pro (1,99): An app that plays white noise to help you fall asleep.
  • QR / Barcode Scanner Pro: Barcode scanners are for productivity apps like Sudoku for mobile games: always on sale.
  • Mandala Maker 360 (5,49 euros): The name of the app is self-explanatory I think.
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Free Android Games Temporarily On Google Play Store

  • Wealth Secret 2 (1,09€): A tactical RPG in which you explore dungeons with your army and try to train the most effective units.
  • 2048 puzzle game (3,29 euros): A puzzle game in which you have to move numbered squares so that their sum equals 2048.
  • Flying Brothers 3 (3,99 euros): a point-and-click game whose graphics strangely remind me of a book from my childhood, Three-way bandit
  • G’Luck! (0.79 euros): G’luck or “Good Luck” is an offline and single-player platform game, with no ads or in-app purchases.
  • Dungeon Corporation S. (1.09 euros): The so-called idle RPG, a role-playing game in which your only goal is to develop more powerful equipment to defeat your enemies. Her cartoons and pixel art look are very cute.
  • 4 coats forever (1,00 EUR): 4Goats Forever is a multiplayer game that you can play on one device. A great party game that isn’t too exciting;
  • Truth or Dare Pro (4,19 euros): This mobile game uses the classic principle of truth or dare. Of course, it is especially interesting to many;
  • Hills Legend: Action & Horror (0,59 euros): Hills Legend is a horror game that is supposed to be somewhat reminiscent of “The Hills Have Eyes”. Will the plan work?

Temporarily free iOS apps on the Apple App Store

IOS productivity/lifestyle apps are temporarily free from the Apple App Store

  • Best TikTokers wallpapers (€ 9,99): Download wallpapers featuring your favorite TikTokers. Yes, it’s a troll but the app is at €10, I couldn’t include it.
  • Organizer (1,09€)Simple to-do list app.
  • Houdini playlists (3,49 euros): An app to transfer, sync and share your playlists between different music apps. I haven’t tested it but the concept looks very promising.
  • Flow – Meditation on Nature (3,49 euros)Meditation app without in-app purchases or subscription.
  • background eraser (€ 2,29): Photo editor that allows you to remove background and cut out themes.
  • Terminal SNMP and SSH (4,99 euros): This week’s start for iOS is the #1 tool for developers! So go ahead and download!
  • Return the video (6,99 euros): Do you often want to play videos in reverse? Then download the “Video Reverse” app for your iPhone or iPad!
  • lily (€ 2,29): Another tool to keep track of your finances that comes with Siri support and has a nice design;
  • OCR Scanner (€ 2,29): Hold your iPhone camera over a text and let it scan automatically. Very practical for your tax return, which must also be submitted before November 2021 this year!
  • day circle (1,09€): How do you keep track of all the important dates? Birthdays, first kisses, moves, you can track it all here, and with a 4.9 star rating, it probably works just fine;
  • Dobkot (1,09€): A video tool with which you can cut and paste your clips. Special feature: Text-to-speech functionality for your overlays.
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iOS games are temporarily free on the Apple App Store

  • card thief (3,49 euros): A great tactical puzzle game that I loved on Android and is part of Best mobile games in 2021.
  • tales of the neon sea (4,49 euros): A puzzle and investigation game in the world of cyberpunk thriller with a very cute pixel art look. I’m going to test it on my iPad tonight.
  • new defense (1.09 euros): A classic tower defense game with a neon cyberpunk design.
  • crawling card (5,49 euros)Card Crawl is a dungeon crawling game inspired by the game of Solitaire. The game is simply free to play, with a one-time in-app purchase of €5.49 to unlock the entire game. So it’s not really free but at least an opportunity to be able to test the game for free before you go. Whether you buy it or not.
  • maze machine (€ 2,29): The same principle, a paid game that has become distinctive. Maze Machina is a turn-based puzzle game where you play a young hero who is trapped by the evil Automatron in an ever-changing mechanical maze. The art direction looks very nice.
  • barber shop game (1,09€): In this game with isometric pixel graphics you have to manage your own hair salon;
  • Tusker Numbers Adventure (3,49 euros): Crazy mobile game that loves to simulate crashes and crashes. For some reason, it is constantly emphasized that the game is not for children. Another reason to try it!

What do you think of our pick this week? Did you find more interesting promotional apps or games on Google Play Store or Apple App Store? Feel free to share your tips in the comments.

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