They were able to display highly realistic 3D images in simple glasses

As part of a recent US study, researchers integrated a very special device into a simple pair of glasses. the goal? Projecting realistic 3D images inside, an amazing technological advancement in the fields of virtual reality and augmented reality.

New lenses for seeing holograms

If VR has not yet taken off in 2023, it is clear that innovations will continue to appear regularly. This is confirmed by a study published in the magazine Nature Communications On April 22, 2024, conducted by the Department of Computer Science at Princeton University (USA). The team of researchers has actually developed a miniaturized device that makes it possible to display highly realistic 3D images In a basic pair of glasses.

Remember, spatial light modulators (SLMs) exist At the heart of classic holograms. However, these modulators modify the shape of light waves over a certain distance in order to generate a three-dimensional surface. Developed primarily from liquid crystals, these devices are today limited to flat displays with low surface area. Thus, it is a matter of a rather narrow viewing angle that leaves the spectator no other choice but to stay put In a careful position at all times. If so, the light simply disappears due to diffraction.

However, American researchers explain here that they were able to solve this problem thanks to… New 3D lenses. In fact, the light no longer disappears, because it is projected directly in front of the viewer, regardless of their viewing angle.

Credits: Tseng, E., Kuo, G., Baek, S.H. et al. Nature Communications 15, 2907 (2024).

Potential future marketing

According to the authors, this allows for a much better experience in terms of immersion, especially since the holograms are very realistic. Moreover, to the extent that this innovation Reduce the size of the deviceIt is no longer necessary to carry devices such as virtual reality headsets.

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Here a question arises: Is this the end of these helmets? In the future I will tell. It must be said that this technology is not ready for commercialization at the present time. On the other hand, it could be so In a decade. “Holographic imaging could make virtual and augmented reality displays easily usable, portable, and ultra-thin.”Felix Hyde, one of the study leaders at A I reported.

In terms of application, the researchers mainly mentioned 3D communications are possible thanks to 6G. However, they also mentioned immersive experiences in different fields such as education, entertainment or even creative professions.

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