This announcement from Palworld promises a bright future for the game.

Palworld developer Pocketpair has announced a partnership with Sony and Aniplex that hints at new content, and possibly even anime and merchandise.

Palworld arrived without much fanfare and became a true phenomenon. Within a few days, the game had attracted over 2 million concurrent players on Steam, becoming the second most played game ever on the platform.

Affectionately nicknamed ” Pokemon with guns » By its community, some hoped it would be a real contender for the monster-catching game crown. Critics of Palworld accused the game of being a copycat that used generative AI to steal Pokemon designs.

Well, it looks like Palworld developer Pocketpair is taking inspiration from Pokémon once again. The company has announced a new partnership with Sony Music Entertainment Japan and Aniplex (an anime and music specialist) to turn Palworld into a multimedia franchise.

The partnership aims to facilitate the establishment of a new company called Balworld Entertainment CompanyAccording to the new website For the company, its main goal is to license new derivative products and media, both in Japan and around the world.

Although the game is not yet available on Sony consoles, the joint venture with a Sony-owned organization aims to fill the gaps in Palworld's availability.

Also, we started with SME and Aniplex, but we will also work with Sony Group to promote new developments for Palworld. », indicates a statement (translator) that he addressed Famitsu. We look forward to the commercial development of this joint project, which will also lead to the continued development of the Palworld game by Pocket Pair.

Let’s not forget that the future of Palworld on PlayStation consoles was recently mentioned by the game’s community manager on X/Twitter. The addition of blue hearts, Sony’s famous color (green/white/black representing the colors of Xbox and PC), sparked excitement. This new commercial agreement only confirmed the excitement of players.

The partnership with Aniplex also means we could see a Palworld anime in the future. If the satirical approach of Pokémon is maintained, it should guarantee some good laughs.

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