This free app tells you exactly how efficient your mobile processor is

Burnout Benchmark allows you to measure the performance and power consumption of your smartphone’s processor with great accuracy.

A few years ago, Google decided to remove the most popular benchmarking app, AnTuTu, from the Play Store for violating the App Store usage policies.

Since then, many applications have appeared on Google Play to analyze the performance of your mobile chipset, but without a doubt the best one is Burnout Benchmark, because this free application shows you exactly how efficient your mobile processor is.

Burnout Benchmark is the best alternative to AnTuTu on Android

Burnout Benchmark, the best alternative to AnTuTu

Burnout Benchmark is a very complete tool with which you can evaluate the performance and power efficiency of the CPU, GPU and neural processing unit of your mobile processor.

Specifically, Burnout Benchmark allows you to evaluate the following parameters of the terminal chipset:

  • Computing performance for CPU, GPU, and NPU (FPS)
  • CPU, GPU, CPU Power Consumption (Watts) and Energy Efficiency (fps/W)
  • CPU, GPU and NPU limitations at full load
  • Effect of enabling each SoC component on the performance of the others

This free app tells you exactly how efficient your mobile processor is

Burnout Benchmark is very easy to use, you just have to open it and click on the start benchmark button to start analyzing the performance and efficiency of your mobile device’s processor, which will be completed in just 8 minutes.

Once you start testing your chipset’s performance, you’ll see that Burnout Benchmark performs various tests, up to a total of 7, to assess processor power and battery life.

Once the test is done, you will see its results on the screen and if you click on the Pro Mode tab and activate each of the settings at the bottom, you will be able to see the performance of each one in real time.

Moreover, from the app itself, you can also access the various ratings of the mobile benchmarking tool by simply clicking on the Compare tab located at the bottom left. However, if you want to get more complete information about these ratings, we advise you to consult them directly on the application site.

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